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This tree removal service has been a tree removal local SEO client for 3+ years. His website really needs to be updated and in the process of trying to convince him to do so. If it were updated with more content he would be doing even better than he is right now.

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The tree removal local SEO proof below shows a couple of things. On Cape Cod we have 15 towns but 30 or so villages. He is in the village of Marstons Mills which is in the town of Barnstable. You will see that he is coming up for a number of services and search terms in many towns outside of Barnstable. You also will notice that the keywords are in alphabetical order. I did those so you can see how many times this tree service company is appearing on the 1st page for the same search phrase. As you see he appears many times within Google “Places” or now “Maps” and also he shows up organically. So he occupies 2 spots on the 1st page of Google for many terms.

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