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affordable Lawyer SEO for attorneysThe most affordable Lawyer SEO you can find is doing all the work yourself. But that has it’s own hidden expenses, some of which can not be measured in dollars and cents. There is the time away from family, networking and/or prospecting. If you will have an employee responsible for the law firm local SEO, how many hours will it take him or her and what’s the cost? Then probably the hardest one to measure: how many prospects did lose because it took months and months to get the website SEO optimized? Do you know your way around a website and the html language? Are you proficient with WordPress? Do you know all 11 SEO tactics to a web page?

By the way, we haven’t even touched upon the off-site SEO work that is required for success. Do you know all the free legal directories available? How about the local business directories? Digital+ manually creates 125+ directory listings for our clients. How long would that take you or your employee to complete?

If you want to take the plunge and do your own affordable lawyer SEO then keep on reading and follow the links for more detailed information to guide you.

Making the Most of Your Website

In a previous post, we discussed on-site SEO tips. I highly recommend you get very familiar with that post before you continue with your efforts. Now let’s get into a little more detail. If you are considering updating or creating your website in-house, below is additional info you need to make the most of your website.

How can I assess the success of my local SEO strategy?

To assess the success of your local SEO look for an increase in the number of emails, phone calls, or form requests for more information or a consultation. Ask any new prospects how they heard about you. Local SEO is designed to get your practice on the 1st page of Google via organic and maps results. You should strive to be in the top 3 in either location. YOU CANNOT MAKE IT IN THE TOP THREE FOR EVERY SEARCH PHRASE YOU TARGET. Google pretty much makes sure that is impossible, so do not expect that kind of result from yourself, a staff member, or even from your local SEO agency. Results by anyone or any company can never be guaranteed, and no legitimate white hat SEO person or service will ever make such a guarantee.

How do I optimize my website’s role in generating leads?

Getting to the first page for local organic search results requires an SEO optimized website. Google loves websites that are database driven, which is why WordPress has become such a popular architectural foundation for websites. There are thousands of themes from which to choose. Themes will give you a general layout and color scheme. Most themes allow the “designer” to make changes to it without having to edit the code. If you choose, a design firm can make the necessary code edits to further personalize a WP website. But remember, a gorgeous website is just that – gorgeous. If it cannot be found, it is like a starving artist – great potential and investment, no notice or return.

You biggest thing you want is a compelling call to action on your web pages. Your phone number and a contact form on each page is recommended. People are “lazy” and are more likely fill out a form on the existing page than click on Contact Us to fill it out.

What are organic search results?

Affordable Attorney SEO local SEO Search engine optimizationThe top two or three results (sometimes at the bottom of the page, too) and the others on the right-side column of a search results page are paid ads known as AdWords or Pay-per-Click ads. For lawyers to have any success with AdWords they would need to spend $500-$1000 per month, for a minimum of six months. The organic results area of the page is where you get the list that consists of “paragraphs.” This list can contain web page results, video links or blog posts. The cost to show up here (if you do all SEO work yourself) is $0. Organic results are based on a unique ranking system and algorithm separate from the rest of the page.

What are Maps results?

For some search phrases Google will deliver a list of law firms usually after the 1st or 2nd organic “paragraph” result.  The left column will have the law firm name and links. The right column will have the address and phone number. That section has it’s own algorithm and ranking criteria.

I have my color scheme and page structure. Now what do I need to do next to make the most of my website?

The most important aspect of your website is content. If you want to be found for different legal services then you MUST have a webpage for each legal service, i.e. Criminal, Family, Divorce, etc. Again read the Local SEO tips. The link was at the beginning of this post.

Can you tell me more about how to use a blog for affordable lawyer SEO?

Blog posts that support (link to) specific pages give your pages extra local SEO “juice.” A Q&A format is definitely SEO friendly. These are great as blog posts that point (link) to your appropriate web page. Questions need to be the typical ones prospects would ask. The number of internet searches performed as questions has risen dramatically with the popularity of smarphones and tablets. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm was specifically designed with this in mind.

How can I effectively use video on my website?

One important thing to remember is to NOT have it start automatically when people land on your page; let visitors choose to watch or not. The video should address the concerns a prospect would have and how your law firm can find a legal solution. Write a script of 150-170 words that mentions those common concerns, how you can help and other helpful information. Gather good photos that represent the areas of law mentioned in the script, your head shot and your logo. You can create and edit a video on a video creation site like animoto. Time the video to fit the script. After you download your video, convert the mp4 to six different formats. Give each a file name that is a geo-targeted search/keyword phrase. Upload the video files to YouTube and optimize them. Copy the YouTube link of your mp4 file and insert it onto your website and mobile website. If you would like, you can hire voice talent for your voice over or a professional video editor.

What is geo-tagging?

Like your video, you want to geo-tag each photo on your website. A geo-tag is basically an electronic tag that gives a geographical location to a photograph or most image files. You want potential clients in your area to find you, right? It is not just affordable lawyer SEO, it is free if you decide to do all of this work yourself. Give each photo a file name that is a geo-targeted search/keyword phrase. Then assign an alt tag for each photo, which should be the same as the file name (e.g. Woburn criminal lawyer).

What else do I need to know to get the best local SEO for my attorney website?

You must have a contact form, so potential clients can reach you directly from your website. You also need an xml sitemap, which is a road map of your entire website; Google really likes them. Each page must be assigned a unique title tag that relates to that specific page, with cities included; the title tag must be no more than 70 characters. As well as a unique title tag, each page needs a unique meta description (the paragraph that shows up in the SERP organic results) tightly woven with the page it describes and the title tag; it must be written in a way that encourages searchers to click to your website, all within 150 characters. Every page also requires local schema so search bots can easily read the local info for your business. In case you missed the importance in our previous post, you MUST have an in-depth personal About page for every attorney in your firm.

Tags, mp4, xml, schema… Can Digital+ help me make sense of website design for local SEO?

Yes! Feel free to contact us for advice on any step of the process. If you are not confident in your, or your team’s, ability to effectively implement the strategies we have outlined, check out your options and hire an affordable lawyer SEO expert so you do not lose business to competing law firms. We are not the only game around but we are the most affordable lawyer SEO company around. See the proof of our Law Firm SEO. We have the experience to give your website the best chance possible. If you would like Digital+ to redesign your website or create and maintain an affordable lawyer SEO strategy for you and your firm, we would be glad to. We would be proud to provide effective and affordable lawyer SEO services for your practice.

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