affordable Local SEO companyThere are a lot of people offering affordable SEO packages. Some of them are legitimate, honest businessmen and women; but, there are also a lot of other providers whose services will land you in more trouble than profits.

There are a lot of factors that determine how affordable an SEO package will be. The general cost of doing business, the number of people in the team hired, the methods employed and the level of efficiency of the company are some of the factors.

I am all for honest and good business. Our company’s services can be classified under “affordable SEO packages,” but there are very good reasons why we can charge lower prices. We’ve managed to eliminate inefficiencies and we know what works and what doesn’t. You will not be paying for experiments or trial and error efforts.

You can’t say that about some of these SEOs.

They take on projects they can’t deliver on given the budgets available to them and so they end up engaging in some activities that might land you in trouble with the search engines. Your business is too valuable to be gambled with by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

As you look for affordable SEO packages, make sure that you don’t end up in the following situations:

Being Part of a Blog Network or Link Scheme

It is true that backlinks are the greatest off-page factor determining where you rank in Google’s SERPs.

Some SEOs, in an effort to build links cheaply and fast for their clients, have created private blog networks where they can just log in and create links when they need to.

This way, they don’t have to go through the tedious and expensive process of requesting links from editors of external sites. Links from blog networks are not healthy for your business site.

Google considers this spam and the webspam team at Google has been working tirelessly to remove such networks from its index. A number of blog networks have been de-indexed by Google in the past few years. When all your rankings were because of links from a private blog network and Google de-indexes the network, your business will lose almost all its search engine rankings. 

This can kill your business. It is too much of a risk to take just because you want affordable SEO packages

An SEO Who Isn’t Reasonably Fluent in English

Globalization and the Internet have allowed professionals to compete for service jobs all over the world right from their bedrooms.

SEO service providers come from every corner of the world. The low cost of living in some countries allow these people to charge much lower prices than their American counterparts. This is good from a buyer’s point of view. What you don’t want to do is hire someone who isn’t able to communicate fluently in English if your customers are English speakers.

SEO involves more than building links. Like all marketing activities, you want the message about your product and service gotten out well and accurately. You need someone with reasonable fluency to understand the language your customers use and craft a message that connects with them.

Spun Content As Part of Affordable SEO Packages

Article spinning involves rewriting articles to end up with several newer versions of the same article. It is essentially the same article, just different words. The worst kind of article spinning employs software. You just use software to get 150 versions of the same article. What you end up with are articles that do not make any logical sense.

The software can, for instance, rewrite the sentence “what you end up with are articles that do not make any logical sense” into “what you finish with are units which don’t manufacture any analytical feel.”

Not exactly what the author intended to communicate.

The articles are then posted on various platforms on the internet for marketing or backlink purposes.

You don’t want such low-quality work associated with your brand. Google wants to serve valuable content to its users. A lot of value is lost in the process of spinning of articles.

Before you hire a marketer offering affordable SEO packages, ensure that they have a good content creator and explicitly instruct them that you won’t tolerate any form of article spinning.

A Low-Quality Site

The first point of contact an SEO lead will have with your business is your site. Building a low-quality site for your business is counterproductive.

Do not be fooled by fancy design.

You want a functional site. A site that can actually help you move customers further down the sales funnel. The search engines should also be able to crawl the site and index the content you want to show up in the SERPs. Sound site architecture is therefore very important.

Your site should also be mobile friendly. You can create a dedicated mobile version of the site or just have a responsive design that scales according to the screen the searcher is using.

The Takeaway

While you may be short on cash and purposefully seek out affordable SEO packages, it is important that you stay away from practices that may end up maiming your business in the long run.

Hire a trustworthy SEO who knows what he/she is doing and has a track record of delivering results to clients.

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