13 Important Attorney Search Engine Optimization Questions Answered


How important is a website for my law practice?

Attorney search engine optimization servicesDo you want clients to find you? if so, you NEED a website. Once you have a website then you need attorney search engine optimization (SEO) if you want to be discovered.

Most people avoid attorneys until they really need one. When they need one, where do they look? On the Internet! If you do not have a website, you cannot compete with other attorneys in your field of law. Few people use a phone book any more. Most people do not go beyond the first page of internet search results either. So an effective attorney search engine optimization program is your smartest investment!

Where do I start to draw more leads, prospects and clients online?

If you do not yet have a website, start there! Buy a URL. We recommend using Namecheap for this. Have a major search phrase as part of your URL if possible. You also need to find a hosting company. In our experience GoDaddy is not your best choice. Knownhost provides great service. Digital+ is able to do all the above for you. Our hosting is just $240/year.

Not getting the results you would like from your current website?

Have you had the same site online for more than five years? Then it is time for something fresh. You may just need a tweak or a redesign, or maybe you need to start from scratch. We can design your website for you. It will have the on-site local attorney search engine optimization incorporated into the design. If you have a designer all ready in mind, be sure they how to incorporate local SEO into the design.

What is local SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. The goal of attorney search engine optimization is to get your law firm’s website on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP). 92{f57cecc76329659856f00bd01f529e319bb36b58f42dc9ec00a8ea65b2ecec80} of people do not go beyond the first page of internet search results. Google started presenting local search results for businesses in the area in 2011. Google sees the IP address of the searcher or the location setting of the browser. Then Google will deliver location based results for location based search phrases. Are most of your clients and prospects local residents? Then a local attorney search engine optimization program is where your firm should invest most of its marketing budget. An effective attorney SEO program will get your law firm in front of those prospects.

Are videos important to attorney search engine optimization?

Attorney SEO for Law Firms video marketing for law firmsA majority of people prefer a video instead of reading. So yes, videos are important. A local attorney SEO optimized video should have a geo-targeted search/keyword phrase as its file name. A video on your homepage is a good way to let people know more about you. As we mentioned earlier creating connections with prospects increases your chance of gaining them as clients.

How do I make sure potential clients find my website?

Attorney search engine optimization is crucial for picking up new prospects. Search engine optimization is no longer an option. Success begins with an optimized website. It all begins with the right website. In our experience, most web designers think looks much more than SEO effectiveness. If you feel your website needs a redesign or a complete overhaul ask the designer what on-site SEO they would do. Arm yourself with the answers by reading our 7 on-site Local SEO Tips article. Look for specific answers that fit the tips in my article. “Politician” type answers do not qualify as good, knowledgeable answers! These Local SEO tips apply to any industry.

What factors should I consider in the design of my website?

It sounds basic, because it is. You need a color scheme. Subtle and clean works best. The look should not distract or detract. The content of your website needs to written in simple terms. http://Hemingwayapp.com can help simplify the content so most anyone can understand it.

What are the required web pages for attorney search engine optimization?

It starts with a Home, About, & Contact us page. Then you need a web page for every different legal practice you provide. For example, your firm provides estate planning, bankruptcy & divorce representation. You need a web page for each one. Blog posts that go into further detail are great for adding SEO “juice” to these pages.

A Testimonials page is also recommended. Testimonials can be very powerful. This is especially true if they state the legal representation you provided along with their town.

What makes an effective homepage?

Your Home page should list the legal services you provide, with links to your service-specific pages. It should also list the towns you serve and have your phone number prominently displayed in the header area or right below it. Your contact information should be on all the other pages and in text format. A contact form on all pages is highly recommended. Let’s face it, people want super easy and fast. If they read your bio and want to contact you, having the form right there on that page makes it simple as pie to get in touch with you.

What is the big deal with an About Us page?

An About You page is vital to letting people know you are more than “just” a lawyer. The About You page is the first page most people visit. It also is the web page they spend the most time reading on an attorney website. The About Us page is your best opportunity to make a connection with that person on the other side of the screen. Talk about what you like, your hobbies, interests, past accomplishments (not legal related), etc. Include what inspired you to be a lawyer (if touching). You are trying to make a personal connection with that prospect. The stronger the connection, the more likely they will reach out to your law firm. This is the MOST IMPORTANT page on your website! An in-depth About Us page is necessary for each attorney in a firm, and for anyone in solo practice.

What is a Call to Action and how do use them on my website?

You do not want someone looking for legal services to just look at your website, right? You want them to DO SOMETHING. A call to action is an instruction to provoke an immediate response, like Call now or Find out more. Most pages should contain a call to action and a contact form.

Do I need a blog?

Authoritative blog posts are a great way to increase traffic to your website. As mentioned previously, you need a page for each area of law you practice. Each webpage should be at least 300 words long. They should also be educational, not sales-pitchy, and have keywords sprinkled in.

Blog posts should be at least 500 words long. They allow you to go into more detail about specific legal issues. They are crucial for increasing your attorney search engine optimization effectiveness. Blogging allows you to target specific keywords and create an internal link to a specific page. It also helps educate locals, increase your online presence, and get your name out.

How can I best use photos to draw traffic to my website?

Photos help break up the text on a web page or blog post and make it look less intimidating. By geo-tagging and using keyword alt tags and file names, photos help with attorney search engine optimization. Every photo on your site should have an alt tag that contains a geo-targeted keyword phrase.

How many people will find my site on their phone?

Chances are, quite a few! Which means making sure your website is mobile optimized is crucial. What are the biggest differences between a mobile site and a regular website? It’s how the mobile website fits within the small screen and how it interacts with the prospect. Do not ignore the importance of having a mobile website with call and map buttons. With one touch of the thumb, potential clients can call you or get directions to your office. Without a mobile friendly website they will skip your site and choose the attorney who does.

Website design sounds like more than I want to handle, can Digital+ help?

1 of the Best Affordable SEO companiesAbsolutely! If you are too busy, or “digitally challenged” like we are “legally challenged,” we would be glad to help with your attorney search engine optimization. Contact us today for the best, most affordable and effective attorney search engine optimization services.

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