Online Business Directories Listings — A Google+ Local SEO Step That Offers 6 Advantages

By Alex Bungener

One of the simplest yet most powerful Google+ Local SEO steps you can implement is to list your local business in the many free online business directories existing in the web. Listing your business in virtual business directories contributes immensely in bumping your business up to the most sought after 1st page of online searches.

The traditional way of getting your business listed in the yellow pages or in print, radio or TV advertising is becoming irrelevant, not to mention expensive. Getting listed in online business directories, on the other hand, contributes significantly to your overall Google+ Local SEO campaign. Consider the following benefits of online business directories:

1. Effective

A study by Burke has shown that 8 of 10 people use online business directories in searching for a product or service and that only 2 of the 10 go to the Yellow Pages. It will only be a matter of time before online business directories will render the Yellow Pages archaic if it isn’t already.

2. Boundless

The scope and reach of Yellow Pages and various media (radio, TV or print) is limited geographically. Getting listed in online business directories, in contrast, is a boundless way of advertising. Provided that your listing is optimized according to sound Google+ Local SEO rules, it can reach out to anyone who is online, anywhere, anytime.

3. Dynamic

Yellow pages and multimedia ads are static—that is, the details of your business that you have listed in these platforms stay the same forever– or throughout the life of your advertising contract. If you happen to move to another location or change contact numbers, there’s nothing you can do to change the details in your Yellow Pages listing. Online business directories, on the other hand, are dynamic and can be updated anytime or whenever you change email addresses, contact numbers and location.

4. Targeted

One obvious advantage of getting listed in online business directories is that you are putting your business at the forefront of your targeted audience. When people come to a business directory, they are already interested in a particular product or service and are thus more likely to make a purchase.

5. Variety

By variety I mean that there are multitudes of online business directories to which you can submit your listing. There are a variety of local and regional business directories and many niche-specific ones. There really is no limit to the number of online business directories that you can have your local business listed in. At Digital+, we distribute your business information to well over 150+ directories. And a few of those then distribute your info even further so that with time your business information can be searchable and displayed on well over 400+ websites. The more directories which list your local business, the more relevant your business appears in the eyes of Google. Getting listed in online directories is thus an indispensable tool in your Google+ Local SEO plan.

6. Quantifiable

Traditional listings and advertisements are not measurable. You have no way of knowing how many people viewed your listing, saw your ads or actually bought your product or service because of the listing. In contrast, when you get your local business listed in online business directories, you will see a whole plethora of statistics that you could use in your overall Google+ Local SEO framework. Valuable data such as how many viewed your listings, what directories referred more customers and how many users got converted into customers or clients— these are available for you with just a few clicks.

To find out more about how online business directories can help your business contact us today. Consultation is free.

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