Using Contractor SEO to Market Your Construction Related Business Online


Local contractor SEO services companyMany contractors today have recognized that local contractor SEO  (getting on the 1st page of Google) is the way to grow their business. Many of the old stand-by advertising mediums are not as effective today. The Yellow Pages is nearly dead, as most people own a personal computer or a smart phone. Most newspapers are struggling to survive, and advertising in the newspaper is a risky marketing investment for the average small business owner.

Rank In Local Communities

The best way to market your contractor business today is through local contractor SEO. For most contractors, it doesn’t make sense to market your business outside your local city or area. You want to try to rank for local keywords in your local community. While many of the searches are concentrated with the main city, you can also rank for surrounding small communities close to the major city.

If you have a limited marketing budget, then local contractor SEO is your wisest investment. Why? Well, the locals that are searching for some type of contractor services like plumbing, electrical, landscaping, etc. are almost always looking to BUY! The most efficient use of your marketing dollars is to be in front of people looking to buy what you offer. That is exactly what a highly effective local contractor SEO service will accomplish for your business

Create a Robust Content Strategy With Your Blog

You can attract many new potential customers to your website by including lots of informative information related to your contractor industry. By including this information, your website will be viewed as an authority website in the eyes of the Google algorithm. This can help you rank for many different  contractor related terms for many Google searches.

Make a point to regularly post new content to your blog once a week or a couple times per month. Show the world and the search engines you are an expert in the industry, and the search engines will reward your website with greater visibility in front of prospective clients!

Setup Your Local Business Listings

contractor SEO local direcrtories and citations for Local SEO successDid you know there are hundreds of local business websites where you can setup your local business website listing? Setting up your listings on all of these websites will help your rankings in the search engines, as your website will receive hundreds of quality inbound links from different websites. Contractors should also be listed on the contractor specific directory sites.

The trouble with doing this work yourself is that it is incredibly time consuming. This is where you should hire a local contractor SEO consultant to complete this monotonous task for you.

Try Paid Advertising Through Google Adwords

Unlike SEO, you can pay for advertising to rank in the search engines. Google Adwords has it’s own algorithm and ranking system. So for a cost effective, positive ROI Adwords campaign there are a few things that must be done. Have your ad target tightly related keyword phrases. Then you must have the web page your ad clicks to tightly woven to the keyword phrases your ad is targeting. Almost always you never have your adwords ad point to your home page.

Setting up your ad properly and targeting the buying keyword phrases will net you the best ROI. An Adwords campaign works best if allowed to run for a few months and ample budget.

When it comes to your marketing efforts, local contractor SEO is one of the most cost-efficient ways to get noticed online. Since it is always changing, it is best to hire a Local SEO company who keeps up with the latest changes in the digital marketing world.

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