Do you know these 7 Dental SEO secrets?


Many dentists come to us looking for ways to attract more patients through the internet. Research has shown 90{f57cecc76329659856f00bd01f529e319bb36b58f42dc9ec00a8ea65b2ecec80} of people never go past the first page of search results in their Google searches, so getting your dental practice on the first page of Google via an effective local dental SEO campaign is critical to your success.

How does Google determine which businesses are worthy of a first-page position in the search results for dentists? What are the other dentists doing to attract more customers? How do you get on the first page of the search engines?

Here are a few secrets to ranking on the first page of Google for the dentist heading in your local area.

1. Claim Your Google Yahoo and Bing Business Listing

Search Enigine optimizationThis is one of the foundations of any local digital marketing campaign. If you have not already done so, claim your Google My Business page today. If your business doesn’t have a page, create one. Do not create a duplicate page! Make sure to claim the existing page if it already exists. This is the most basic thing that needs to be done for local dental SEO success.

Like Google, Bing has local business listings too. Bing and Yahoo are important too, as many people still use Internet Explorer as their default search engine, and Internet Explorer searches default to In addition, the default search engine on the Mozilla Firefox browser is Yahoo.

2. Claim your business profile in major online directories

contractor SEO local direcrtories and citations for Local SEO successOnce you have claimed your Google Business listing, claim the business listings for the other directories like,, and If you do not claim your business listings, your contact information may be incorrect in other directories. This can hurt your rankings in Google, which in turn leads to less customers!

In addition to claiming your listings, you also want to optimize your listings in the major directories. Optimize your listings through completely filling out the business profile. Add photos, your hours of operation, payment types accepted, and detailed information about your dental practice. Customers will look at your business information on the major sites, and you may get a boost in visibility from these sites too.

3. Claim your business profiles in other online directories

One of the secrets to being seen in the search engines is to claim your business listing in hundreds of additional directory sites too. Optimizing these profiles is not as important, but you still need to claim these business listings. Your business name, address, and phone number must be exactly the same for each business listing. If it is not the same, then Google will penalize your rankings in the search engines. Don’t forget about dental practice related directories! Make sure you have listing in those too.

Since there are hundreds of online directories, this task can take many hours. A marketing consultant with experience in local dental SEO can help you with this task.

4. Optimize your website for mobile devices

Local Dental SEO for dentistsBeginning in April 21st, 2015, Google knows whether websites that are optimized for mobile devices or not. If your website isn’t ready for the mobile web, it is NOT going to showing up on the 1st page of Google for searches performed on a mobile device.. Your site should be easily viewed on mobile sites as well as on desktop computers. A marketing consultant or web developer can update your site if it is not mobile friendly. Is this important for your practice? Close to 50{f57cecc76329659856f00bd01f529e319bb36b58f42dc9ec00a8ea65b2ecec80} of searches are now on mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly then half the searchers won’t see you.

5. Optimize your website for Dental SEO

Having directory listings in hundreds of directories will help your rankings. But it isn’t the only thing. Is your website itself SEO optimized? There are a number of areas on a webpage that has to analyzed in order to know if you are dental SEO optimized or not. A blog post we published earlier: 7 on site local SEO tips goes into much more detail about the on-site SEO that needs to be addressed for every important web page. Feel free to contact Alex, with Digital+ with any questions you may have.

6. Have a separate web page for each dental service you want to promote

If you want to gain more teeth whitening, families, or caps, crowns, implant clients, then you need a separate web page for each one. Each page needs 300 words of educational information about the procedure with a call to action near the end. This will help with getting on the 1st page of Google and get prospects to call or fill out a contact form.

7. Writing blog post regularly

Writing dental related blog posts (500 words or more) can help immensely in getting coverage beyond your immediate city. It also can help with getting on the 1st page for search phrases like teeth whitening, endodontic, etc. Just make sure that the blog post links to a web page that represents the service the post is discussing. The important thing about blogging is keeping a regular, consistent posting schedule. Digital+ can write and post for you.

These are just a few of the secrets to optimizing your dental practice visibility online so you can attract customers to your business. The digital landscape is changing rapidly, and being active with your digital presence is crucial to attracting customers searching for your dental services.

Digital+ is a Local SEO company that specializes in service oriented businesses. See the proof of our local SEO effectiveness for dental SEO, chiropractors, contractors, etc. If you want to grow your practice by bringing in new patients, contact us today.

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