How to Effectively Use Facebook and Twitter in Your Google Local SEO Campaign

by Alex Bungener

Any Google Local SEO campaign is incomplete without social media. Facebook and Twitter are two of the earliest and most popular social media platforms today. From merely being tools for social interaction, they have evolved into massive networks for promoting products and services. Learn how to leverage the powers of these two giants to boost your Google Local SEO efforts.

Every day, 1 billion people make 3.2 billion likes and/or comments. You would do well to know the strategies in converting these likes and comments into purchases and profits. Here are some tips.
•    Build a page for your local business. Make sure the layout, design, colors and feel of your Facebook page reflect that of your business. Identify keywords that best describe your business and sneak them into your Facebook profile so that potential clients and customers can more easily find your page.
•    Provide incentives for liking. Bank on the concept of exclusivity—that is, reward likes with exclusive deals such as insider tips, a short course or special discounts.
•    Post relevant and useful updates on your page. Set to update your page three times a week with links to your blog posts, helpful videos, inspiring and relevant quotes, graphic how-to’s, engaging polls and other industry-related content. Regular updates help to constantly remind people of your business.
•    Assign page administrators. With facebook, you can enlist another person or several people to become page administrators who can help to fill your business page with consistent content.
•    Engage your audience. To engage means to incite a two-way communication with your audience by way of responding to their comments in a timely, professional and polite way.
•    Monitor your progress. All page administrators have access to Facebook Insights which run analytics that will tell you how effective your page is. Two things to take close note of are the Lifetime Total Likes and the Lifetime Total Subscriptions which should ideally be directly proportional to each other.

In a nutshell, Twitter is a faster and shorter way of social media marketing. With Twitter, you can follow anyone and anyone can follow you.
•    Put up a Twitter profile which looks and feels just like your business site and other social media accounts.
•    Use a username which is ideally the same as your business name or your own real name.
•    Upload a professional and friendly-looking photo of yourself or your business logo for your profile photo. Your profile photo is included with your every tweet and should appear friendly.
•    Use a Twitter profile header which describes or tells the story of your business. The Twitter profile header is the large rectangular backdrop at the top of your profile page.
•    Complete your Twitter profile. Grab the opportunity to sneak in your business address, author bio, website URL and contact numbers.
•    Build community. Follow the right people—your customers, suppliers, partners, sponsors, contractors, vendors, peers, competitors, trade organizations and other related organizations. Chances are these will follow you back.
•    Learn Tweet jargon. Learn how to keep your Tweets short and sweet, or under 140 characters. Learn the use of hashtags. Learn how to sneak photos into your tweets.

For more tips and tricks on how to build and grow your social media presence, contact Digital+ today.

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