What is Local SEO?

By Alex Bungener

Local SEO company servicesLocal search optimization or local SEO concentrates on that part of the search real estate known as Google+ Local. Google+ Local was Google Places. Google made the switch to Google+ around May 2012. Just in case you were not familiar with Google+ local an example of it is to the right. Google puts this list of businesses on its pages when Google figures that you are likely looking for  a local business. This is determined by Google based on the search term typed in.  A searcher can also click on places or maps at the top of Google and the whole page will be a list of businesses. In the regular search result Google will list at the most 7 businesses with the Google+ Local block.

Consistent accurate business information all across the internet is most definitely needed for effective local SEO. When Google finds inconsistent, inaccurate business identity info (name, address, number, etc.) on the internet, your business’s relevancy in the eyes of the Google gods starts dropping. When that happens, your business will very likely not make the 1st page of Google. Remember, Google is all about giving the searcher the MOST relevant information possible. So if your business information in not consistent and accurate you will not be considered most relevant — thus you won’t appear on that 1st page. Please sign up to your right for our report that explains how to get on the 1st page of Google via Google+ local.

Digital+ is a professional local SEO company providing local SEO services all across the US. What separates us from others is our anal retentiveness. We search — usually a couple of different ways — on every directory site we go to and see if a listing for your business already exists. If it does we correct any errors and optimize the listing as much as possible.  If it doesn’t exist we create a brand new listing for you and optimize it for local search results. But we don’t stop there. We also tweak your website to optimize it for local SEO organic results.

As we all know — talk is cheap. So please visit some of the industry pages and see the places reports for some of our clients. You will see the proof of our success in getting our clients on the 1st page of Google — regardless of the industry. Then contact us with any questions and pricing.

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