Google Places Google + Business Listing Review

By Alex Bungener

Does your business have a listing in what used be known as Google Places? Have you verified that listing via the PIN number system in the past.? Then pay attention. By Friday February 21st (I would do it now) you must have logged into your business’s Google Places account, reviewed the information, made any edits if need be, then clicked submit. The link for this is:

How does Google+ help with my business local SEOYou are not yet finished. Now you need to also go to your Google+ Local business page and do the same thing. When you log in it should bring up the personal page. If you click on the round spot in the upper right hand corner (should have a picture in there) a dropdown menu should pop up and your business listing should be there. If not, you can hover over Profile in upper left hand corner below Google+ and scroll down to pages. That will bring up your business page. Even if you don’t feel you have a Google+ business page double check anyway. You could very likely have one without even knowing it.

Make sure that the business info in Google+ matches up with your Google Places listing. If there are differences then a whole bunch of other problems will incur, none of them good for your business’s searchability!

Now what happens if this is not done. Because there are changes coming to Google Maps, which has been the data source for Places for months, if you do not take the steps above for BOTH listings, then it will be removed from Google Maps & Google+ Local. This means that your business will no longer appear in “Places” or Maps or Google+ Local when someone searches for what your business provides. Of course this assumes that your business presently does come up on the 1st page. If your business isn’t coming up at this time then check out our very affordable local SEO services.

Why has my Google Places listing disappeared?

Now if you are reading this post after February 21st you very likely have noticed that your listing disappeared. To quote Google employee, Jade W, “… so they can stay on Google Maps. Otherwise, you will need to add your business information and undergo PIN verification using Google Places again.” I interpret that to mean your listing will be deleted, and you will need to create a brand new Places listing all over again. And then you will have to wait for that PIN number verification before it will be published. Think Google will almost exclusively offer the PIN only via snail mail? That is what I would put my money on. That can add weeks of down time before your Google Places and Maps listing can be back up!

Why use a Local SEO agency instead of doing it myself?

Which of course makes Local SEO agencies like us very valuable. Why? Because how many millions of business Places listings will not get the email, will not have a clue about needing to review their existing listing and on February 22nd not be listed anymore? For those unfortunate business owners how long is it before they figure out their Google Places listing disappeared, and they no longer show up in Places or Maps? A week, a month, or a few months? Which leads to the next most important result – how much income did they lose during their down time?

What happened to my Google Places listing?As I stated in the beginning. Do this NOW! Do not put it off till tomorrow. Life can easily get in the way and you end up forgetting and then February 22nd rolls around and you are now SOL! Afterwards I would highly recommend that you contract with a Local SEO agency so that you will always be covered if (more likely – when) Google requires this review process again to keep your listing live.

I hope you read this before February 22nd! If not I feel for you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We’ll be glad to assist you and guide you.

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