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Local SEO has become a necessity for small businesses. If done right, whether or not a local SEO expert is involved, local SEO can do wonders for your business. Most people are making their purchase decisions online. Half of those who do a local search visit a store thereafter.  
It is easy to find information online nowadays on pretty much any topic you want to learn about. DIY local SEO isn’t a far-fetched idea. The digital age affords small business owners with incredible opportunities, if they have the motivation to learn and execute. 
It is a good idea to seriously consider the options available to you given the potential rewards that are guaranteed to come if you properly execute a winning local SEO strategy. The key word here is execution. You or a local SEO expert can execute an SEO strategy that pushes your website to Google’s first page. But how do you go about deciding whether to take on this task yourself or hire an expert? 
There are several factors you need to consider. The first resource available to you is time. It is a limited resource, though. 
Your business requires a certain level of time commitment from you every day. You need to be absolutely honest with yourself if doing local SEO yourself will harm your business because of the increased time demands on you. 
Before you decide on whether to do it yourself or hire a local SEO expert, here are the advantages for going either way: 
Hiring a Local SEO Expert 
Knows what works best: A local SEO expert has probably been doing it for a long time and has refined his or her techniques and methods over the years. He or she knows what works and what doesn’t. This eliminates the risks that come with trial and error that can prove to be very expensive in the long run. local seo expert
Best practices in every field are called best practices because they guarantee the best results. You can only know them all if you are an industry insider. Hiring a local SEO expert ensures that you can leverage the best of the industry to work for you, even though you haven’t spent a day working in the industry. 
Saves you time: To execute your own local SEO strategy, you’ll have to do research, draw a plan and then execute on your plan. This takes time. This is time that could have been spent working on the most productive areas of your business that you have expertise in. You’ll be most productive when you are doing something in which you have adequate knowledge. 
Outsourcing your small business’ SEO to a local SEO expert will allow you to focus on the other incomeproducing activities in your business that actually move the needle every day. 
Gets the job done right the first time: Mistakes can be costly. Ignorance of what should have been done is no defense. Going against a search engine guideline can cost you your business if all your leads were from Google and Google penalizes you for flouting its rules. Trusting your local SEO with an expert ensures that your SEO efforts are in the hands of someone who knows what to do and what not to do. 
Doing It Yourself 
Saves you money: If you are just starting out in business and you have more time than money, then doing your site’s SEO yourself might just be a viable option. There is nothing wrong with appreciating that the little money you have would be better used in other vital areas of your business, which can be paralyzed because of cash flow problems. 
You know your business goals better: No one knows your goals better than you do. You spend time daydreaming and visualizing them. No amount of effective communication can accurately translate your goals and visions to another party. When you handle your site’s local SEO yourself, you have the opportunity to execute on your vision, just as you had envisioned it. It may take more time than if you hired a local SEO expert, but the satisfaction this can bring can be worth its weight in gold. 
You’ll learn new skills in the process: You will have to learn new skills if you want to do your SEO yourself. Such skills will come in handy when you want to make small changes and iterations to your site. You won’t have to call an expert to make such changes. You’ll make them yourself.  
You will also know how the various aspects of your site work together and so you will be in a better position to expand on your site’s local SEO and jump on new opportunities fast whenever they present themselves. 
Tips For DIY Local SEO
If you choose not to hire a local SEO expert and handle the project yourself, here are some useful tips: 
Know the main aspects of SEO: SEO can be broadly divided into on-site and off-site SEO. You’ll have to learn how to do keyword research, create content around keywords, submit a sitemap to the search engines, build links, etc. It is important that you have a basic understanding of these areas if you want your efforts to be successful. 
Track your results: Tracking your results will allow you to know how well you are doing. There are several paid and free tools that can help you do this. The most popular free tool is Google Analytics. There are also tools to track your search engine rankings, social media mentions, visitor behavior, etc. A quick Google search will reveal most of these tools. But you don’t need them all use only the ones that help you track your most important metrics. 
Avoid information overwhelm: Reading a lot of stuff and not taking any action does you no good. All results come from implementation. You want to implement well and fast. Speed can be an awesome competitive advantage. Have a bias for action. 
Digital+ offers affordable local SEO services. Contact us today if you think hiring a local SEO expert is the best option and we’ll gladly help you out.

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