Local Listings and Citations—the hot new trends in Google+ Local SEO

by Alex Bungener

Google+ Local SEO is all about optimizing your business website in such a way as to bump it on the 1st page in local online searches. The whole gamut of search engine optimization may seem complex but it really is made up of little actionable steps that you can implement one at a time.

So far I have already discussed several Google+ Local SEO steps. Last week I discussed the importance of having your local business listed in online business directories. Listings and local citations are the hot new trends in online marketing nowadays.

The idea is that the more pages which cite your business and the more websites (including business directories) which bear a listing of your local business, the more relevant your business will be in the eyes of Google. Consequently, you will have more chances of getting onto page 1 in local online searches.

Realize that most listings or citations will create backlinks which users can click on to get to your site. An online business directory which simply lists your business name, address and other pertinent details creates a local citation, even if the listing does not backlink to your business site. A local chamber association which mentions your business name is yet another local listing or citation. The collective effect of all these local listings or citations is to build the authority of your local business and improve your rank in online searches.

Here are some things to keep in mind in submitting listings to online business directories.

It is wise to get your business listed in as many online business directories as possible. As I have previously mentioned, we at Digital+ will distribute your business information to as many as 150+ directories, which includes a few data aggregators. The local listings in the aggregators will then lead to more local citations. How? When local websites and pages talk, review or promote local products or services, where do you think they will turn to for information? You’re right, to these online business aggregators. As such, being in multiple directories holds the promise of gaining multitudes of local citations in other local sites and pages. The number of citations is one of the major driving forces in optimizing for Google+ local SEO results.

To leverage on the power of local listings and citations, make sure you fill in as much information as possible. Go as specific and as detailed as you can, furnishing information down to the street or door number. Upload as many pictures and videos as are allowed.

Make sure your business information is the same in all local listings. Business name, address and contact numbers MUST be consistent.

For local listings and citations to be a powerful part of your Google+ Local SEO campaign, you need to optimize them by incorporating your targeted keywords. Your pictures should be optimized and tagged as well. Even your videos should be geo-tagged.

To find out more about how your business can get more local listings and citations, contact us today.

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