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Is Your Website Like a Starving Artist?


A website is necessary for a successful business in today’s economy. If success requires getting your name, your company, your services in front of people, you need to be where the people are. The internet. But having a beautiful website is not the most important consideration when it comes to drawing the attention of the masses. A gorgeous website is just that – gorgeous. If it cannot be found, it is like a starving artist – great potential and investment, no notice or return. The quickest method to get there is to improve SEO ranking.

How will using social media grow my business?

Think of social media platforms as art galleries. You need a showing if you want people to learn about you. There is no shortage of people spending lots of time in these virtual galleries. And if Google sees you are all over the place it realizes you are worth a second look and will direct more people to you when they search for services or products in your niche.

Does my business need a Facebook page?

how to use facebook for local seo effectivenessLook at it this way. Facebook has more than a billion registered users. On any given day, around 800 million people visit Facebook, more than one-and-a-half million of them live in North America. About 70{f57cecc76329659856f00bd01f529e319bb36b58f42dc9ec00a8ea65b2ecec80} of online adults visit Facebook at least once a month. That is a hefty number of consumers looking for what pleases them. This is not a gallery you want to miss the opportunity to be shown in.

Is Twitter an effective marketing tool?

Twitter2Twitter allows you to send out Tweets, messages of up to 140 characters. It has approximately 750 million users, of which, more than 40{f57cecc76329659856f00bd01f529e319bb36b58f42dc9ec00a8ea65b2ecec80} use it to learn about products and services. Now you can tweet images so it is a great way to show off your work.

How can I use LinkedIn to promote my business?

How can linkedin help with local SEOYou should have both a personal professional LinkedIn page as well as a business page. They must be optimized. If you would like to do more than improve your local SEO with LinkedIn and have the time to invest, you can try starting a group and providing expert advice in the Q&A section.

How can Instagram help my business?

If your target audience is younger and you are good at visual marketing, Instagram can be particularly helpful. Since Instagram quickly became so popular, they started an Instagram for Business blog you can check out if you think Instagram may be a gallery where your work will shine.

Why does a business need Pinterest?

Who saw Pinterest becoming the next big thing in online-sales generation? As the other social media platforms mentioned, it has options for businesses.

How does social media improve SEO ranking?

Gallery showings make you more visible and let people get to know you. It’s all about the SERP. The more galleries Google sees you displayed in, the more likely your website will be granted a coveted spot in the search engine results page. And just like the name and reputation of the gallery matters so does the backlinks to your website. The better the quality & popularity of a website, the more valuable the backlinks. How many people don’t go past the first page of the SERP? A whopping 92{f57cecc76329659856f00bd01f529e319bb36b58f42dc9ec00a8ea65b2ecec80}! A business does not need to post on social How do I use G+ to maximize my local seomedia a certain number of times a day to get good SEO results, but it most definitely needs a business page on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ for Business. The business information on each needs to match exactly what is listed in Google Places.

Can Digital+ help me improve SEO ranking via social media?

Improve SEO ranking through Local SEO strategyIf your business website isn’t getting found when someone wants to buy your goods or services, then your website is like a starving artist. We can get it discovered by your target audience. We can redesign it so it is not just gorgeous but found with our highly effective local SEO strategy. We also provide blogging services and social media promotion of those blog posts. So if your website is tired of starving hire Digital+!


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