Jump start your business with Google Local SEO

by Alex Bungener


Applying some Google local SEO tweaks on your business website is probably the single most powerful thing you can do to draw clients. In this age when 97% of consumers are searching for just about any product or service online, it is imperative for any business to be visible on the web. Whatever product or service you may be offering, it helps to have a website which can be easily found by potential clients when they do an online local search. When clients within your community search for your particular kind of service or product, do they find your website on page 1? If what they find instead is your competitors’ websites, you cannot expect them to show up at your store or call your business. Fortunately, there are a few tweaks you can do to your business website which could hurl it right smack onto the very first page in Google for local searches. These tweaks are Google local SEO steps. In a nutshell, Google local SEO is simply a set of search engine optimization principles which optimize every element of your business website for greater visibility in local searches. There are many Google local SEO steps, the very first of which is to have a Google+ local listing for your business. How is this done? How does it work? There’s no denying that Google is the authority among search engines. Majority of online searches use Google. If you want Google to rank your business higher in local searches, you need to follow her guidelines to the letter. For local businesses, Google developed Google Places, an online platform which connects local businesses to consumers. Google Places (became Google+ Local in May ’12) is the perfect avenue for exposing your business to potential clients within your community. If your business website is listed according to Google+ Local recommended guidelines, your business website has a better chance of being found on all the other platforms of Google such as Google search, Google maps, Google+ and mobile devices. Listing your business on Google Places (Google+ Local) may sound easy, yet there are some details you must meticulously look into. As you may have heard, Google is constantly changing its algorithm in an effort to improve the online search experience of its users. Google is constantly devising ways to discourage spamming, misleading or irrelevant content and keyword stuffing. Visit Google+ Local (Google Places) and read up on the Google+ Local quality guidelines and Local listings content policy. First off, you need to sign up for a Google+ Local account and submit information and photos of your website. Be sure you give the official, registered name of your business and the exact address. Submit a phone number along with the area code. In submitting your website URL, the number of characters should not exceed 255. Other information you need to submit are the categories for your business, hours of operation, payment options, and relevant photos. You very likely will get the new interface, and if you do then you can’t include video links anymore. You may also include pertinent details such as parking availability. In case you are too time-pressed to make Google local SEO tweaks on your website, consider hiring us here at Digital+ to do the job for you. We have vast experience in exposing local businesses to their clients. You can reach us by phone at 774-238-7725. You can also contact us via our email address, info@CustomersAtTheSpeedOfLight.com

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