According to a Google study , 50{f57cecc76329659856f00bd01f529e319bb36b58f42dc9ec00a8ea65b2ecec80} of mobile users and 34{f57cecc76329659856f00bd01f529e319bb36b58f42dc9ec00a8ea65b2ecec80} of computer and tablet users performing a local search will actually visit a store they find in the local search listings.

Massachusetts Affordable local SEO services MAThese numbers are huge. But they are not the main reason why you want to leverage affordable local SEO services to crush your local competition…

The juicy part? According to Google, 18{f57cecc76329659856f00bd01f529e319bb36b58f42dc9ec00a8ea65b2ecec80} of the local searches lead to a sale. Wow!

There is no point in pretending that increasing your local SEO efforts does not have the capacity to completely alter the course of your small business. Marketing your business in local newspapers will not yield the same results as a successful local SEO campaign. Print media is facing a slow but sure death. In fact, over the past two decades, local newspaper readership has fallen by more than half.

Where have these people gone? You can find them online. Using affordable local SEO services will allow you to position your business right under their noses.

If you are a small business owner and your local SEO is pitiful, you need to fix it as soon as possible. There are a number of SEO services that can help you do this.

But first…

What Affordable Local SEO Services Isn’t

Affordable and low quality aren’t synonyms. To think otherwise would make your elementary school English teacher really angry.

affordable SEO services for lawyers plumbers dentistsSteer clear of lousy quality SEO services that might get you in trouble with Google. At Digital+ we offer highly effective but yet very affordable local SEO services. Our level of quality and results delivered are some of the best in the business. Pick a provider that has proof of lasting SEO results. Lasting results mean that the results gained from the SEO campaign will stand the test of time. Google has released several updates over the years. Each update has seen several sites that were spamming its engines removed or pushed down in its index. You don’t want your website to face such a penalty. It is easy to spot SEO’s that employ methods that work. They tell you what they are going to do and they have real testimonials from past clients proving that their methods actually work. Digital+ actually shows proof of our effectiveness on our affordable local SEO website.

You are a smart business person, so you probably already understand that one of the main goals of a business, as far as marketing is concerned, is to maximize returns on every penny spent on advertising. Affordable local SEO services like the ones offered by our company allow you to maximize the returns on the investments you make in online marketing campaigns.

Why Local SEO?

The conversions that come with local searches, as revealed by the Google study, might sound like a dream but they are actually pretty accurate. Geographical targeting is helpful, as it allows people looking for businesses in your area to connect with your business. Warm leads are easier to turn into customers.

Local SEO for chiropractorsIf I want my shower fixed and I searched for a plumber in my area and Google served an appropriate result, it is very likely that I am going to call them. Consider for a moment what that means for your small business. If you increased your business’ visibility in Google’s local search results, the rewards could be phenomenal. Digital+ has a number of customers that are getting over $20,000 of business income per year from people that find them online.

Consumers are craving personalized results. As the search engines get smarter, they are serving better individualized results to the searchers. But Google does not pick content out of thin air. Someone has to provide the content. Someone like you. Will it be you?

Knowing this, you can now leverage affordable local SEO services to rank in geographically targeted search results. It’s a win-win situation for both you and the search engine.

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