Alex took our website to a whole new level which increased our business 200% in one year.His attention to detail and knowledge of what the web can do for your business is amazing!

He also is very professional and always a gentleman! Alex is always available to help you and answers any questions one may have. You can trust Alex to give your business’ website the exposure it needs to get you to the top category Google has to offer.

Stella Citrano

President, Affordable Tax Service

Customers at the Speed of Light.  The slogan of Digital+ does indeed say it all.  It is always an extreme pleasure working with Alex Bungener.  At any time there is an addition, correction, or other problem that we here at Integrative Wellness Center have been challenged  with, Alex comes through every time and we have been nothing short of satisfied.

He has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful on assembling and maintaining our website.  We have received many contacts and referrals due to the complete and well structured site and the local SEO optimization that Alex has established.

When anyone inquires about our website, we always refer them to Alex in knowing that he will do as great a job for them as he does for us.

There has never been an issue that Alex has not been able to fulfill or rectify.  Alex is just a phone call or e-mail away and within 24 hrs. or less the task is completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

If you are looking for a website entrepreneur who will satisfy your needs at THE SPEED OF LIGHT then please see Alex Bungener at Digital+.

Dr. Jose Fernandez

Executive Director, Integrative Wellness Center

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    Dear Alex Bungener,
    Your Local Search Optimization program has benefited a number of my website clients. When I have a customer whose website is working well, but who needs to promote their business locally we call in Digital+, and meet with Alex together to discuss options. He advises us on changes to the website to improve its presence on internet search, like Google, and provides a wide range of services to steadily increase traffic. He clearly understands and keeps up to date with changes in the internet search techniques and makes sure to keep my clients at the top of the list. As we all know, the first page of Google is the only place to be, and Alex knows how to make that happen!
    Chris Dixon

    Owner / Web Designer / IT Specialist, Cape Computer Help

    Alex Bungener of Digital+ was instrumental in cleaning up my presence on the internet. Between being a dba and having the name of my showroom change last year, search engines were confused as to what business I was in as well as what the name of the business is. He went through the painstaking process of making sure all the data matched across all the various search engines and my company is now recognized by Google among others for the appropriate business that I am in. I strongly suggest Alex to anyone looking to achieve a stronger web presence in this competitive time we now face.


    Richard McLaughlin

    Owner, Fresh Interiors, Inc

    Alex, I will say since coming on board with Digital+, my company Gutter Care Pro has seen a spike in business for the last two years. As you know advertising can be costly, so I scrutinize all offers that cross my desk, and there are many vying for my business. I can honestly say that I have found great value in having Digital+ as my local SEO. I am looking forward to working with you in 2014 so that I can continue to experience “spikes” of growth with Digital+ as my favorite lead source. Great job Alex!
    Gary L Palumbo

    President, Gutter Care Pro

    Since March of 2012, Innovation Construction Co. has greatly benefited from working with Alex Bungener and his mobile and digital company Digital+. They have been very successful in getting our company website to the first page of the search engines. After a few other options left us with minimal boosts in our ranking, we were delighted to find a true expert. Our placement on the search engine lineup, and consequent market exposure, has soared since we began with Alex and Digital+.

    As a South Coast operation, our building and remodeling contracts cover a widespread area — from 7 miles to 30 miles north of our base location. This hasn’t deterred Digital+ from getting us full marketing exposure. As a home improvement contractor, we provide many different services; Digital+ gets us on the 1st page for every category.

    Thanks to the efforts and expertise of Alex and his company, potential clients within my multi-town service area now find me among the first few listings and not just under “home improvements” — Innovation Construction Co. shows up first thing under a large number of search terms.

    Alex and Digital+ now also manage our blog, a weekly task that includes posting it on a couple of local news/info websites and announcing it on my Facebook & Google+ pages. In that time, they have never missed posting or a scheduled announcement. Since Alex and Digital+ took over blog management in August of 2013, the readership of the blog posts at these local sites has increased on average 50%.

    I have recommended Digital+ to a couple of my subcontractors and some other small local business owners who wanted to be found on Google. They have reported much success. In light of my excellent experience with them and their services, and considering the consistently positive feedback from others, I feel very comfortable offering a testimonial for Alex Bungener and Digital+ and recommend them for their skills, responsiveness, and integrity.

    Keith Dmytryck

    Owner, Innovation Construction Co

    I had a website for about 18 months before I met Alex. I was disappointed in the traffic that was being generated to my website. I would see weekly numbers showing how many visitors and it was troubling. I heard how a website was the way to increase your business but I wasn’t seeing it.

    I met with Alex and he explained everything he would do, the directories he would get me on, a video for You-tube, my law firm facebook page and a host of other things. It turned out the best thing I could have done for my website. Now my phone is ringing every week with people who find me on the internet.

    Having a website is one thing but if no one is finding your website, what good does it do. A website has to be seen in order to make money. My now is seen and this is the busiest I have ever been in 27 years of a law practice.

    James P Dillon

    Attorney -- Solo Practitioner, James P Dillon Law Offices

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