local seo companySo, you’ve decided to hire a local SEO company to help you increase your website’s online presence. That’s a good decision and congratulations are definitely in order. But, there are some things you need to know before calling them.  
Knowing these 5 things in advance will make your communication with the local SEO company much more effective. You will also achieve better results from the SEO campaign, if they use the ideas and information you present to them.


Goals of the Local SEO Campaign

Knowing the desired end results in advance is crucial if both teams’ expectations are to be met. A goal-oriented campaign is definitely going to more successful than a campaign with no clearly defined goals. While all expectations might not be met, everyone will be much happier if most of the desired outcomes have been achieved.

Be as clear as possible. Clarity helps eliminate all those time-wasting activities that won’t help you or the local SEO company achieve the most desired results. Execution will be much easier.

Create a Customer Avatar

You understand your customers better than the Local SEO company does. Since all marketing involves communicating with customers or potential customers, finding ways to make such communication more persuasive and personal is a wise strategy. A customer avatar is an elaborate description of a fictitious person that best fits the description of your ideal customer.

Giving the company a customer avatar will allow them to create copy that connects with your customers at a much deeper level. This is one of the most powerful tools available to copy writers.

Use the following questions to craft a customer avatar:

  • What’s his/her name?
  • How old is he/she?
  • Where does he/she spend his time online?
  • What’s his/her profession?
  • How does he/she want to FEEL when using your product/service?
  • Who is to blame (or who does he/she blame) for the problems he/she is facing?
  • Which ONE main result do they want to achieve by using your product or service?

Do You Use Your Current Site?

This is a key cost factor. Whether or not you decide to retain your current site will influence the campaign’s budget in a huge way.local seo company

It is a good idea to use your current site (or domain name) as it already has some authority attached to it. Using a new site means that you’ll be starting from scratch and you can’t leverage past SEO gains to help you get better search engine rankings.

It is also cheaper to use your current site. All the local SEO company will do is optimize it to rank better and be more search engine and user friendly.

You might want to use a different domain if your current site has suffered a major Google penalty.

Words and Phrases Frequently Used by Your Customers

The company will probably create additional content for your site or create an entirely new content strategy.

Content is created for your customers and not the owner of the site. Understanding the needs of your customers involves knowing their frustrations, hopes, problems and the solutions they want for those problems. A quick way of deciphering this is observing the language they use in enquiries, comments on your site, industry boards, forums, etc.

Such words and phrases can also be used as seed words when doing keyword research.

This is a better approach to keyword research than just popping common keywords and phrases that your competitors are already using. It will allow you to discover gems that are still unknown to most of your competition.

Online Relationships the Local SEO Company Can Leverage for Links

Backlinks are a major SEO factor. The local SEO company you hire will probably be building links to your site to help you move up in search engine rankings.

Link building can be a tiresome and time consuming task. Make the job of the company easier by giving them contacts of people in your niche that you already have a warm relationship with. It is much easier to convince a webmaster to link to you if they already know you.

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