8 Local SEO Strategies For Chiropractors


local SEO strategies for ChiropractorsThe internet is a goldmine for driving new patients to your practice. This is especially true when customers can find you through Google. Many times the hot prospect is looking because their back has been hurting for awhile and need to get rid of the pain. In the last several years, Google has made many strides in improving their local search results so that any chiropractor can gain visibility in their local community through the correct local SEO strategies.

How do I get my business on the first page one of Google?

This is a loaded question! Obviously, if everyone knew the ingredients to the “secret sauce” for ranking in the search engines, then every chiropractor would follow the same strategy, but not all chiropractors can fit on the first page.

Local SEO for chiropractorsGoogle, Bing, and Yahoo are constantly changing their ranking algorithm or “formula” for their search engines. The “formula” is a closely guarded secret like the Coke formula. Because of the numerous tweaks to the algorithm each year a local SEO expert can help, as they have the time to keep up with the latest trends and methods for ranking a website in the search engines.

1. Make sure your website is mobile friendly! As of April 21st 2015, Google doesn’t show non mobile friendly website anymore when the search is on a mobile device! Click to learn more about your mobile friendly website options.

What are meta tags?

2. Start my making sure your meta tags, including your meta title, meta description, and H1 tags, are setup correctly. Each page of your website has a title tag which should be different for every page. The title tag should describe what the page is about, must include the main keyword you want to rank for, and a city name or two or three. All of this within 60 characters.

3. As for the meta description, this text is going to appear in the search engines when potential customers see your listing in the search results of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Like meta titles, meta descriptions should be unique for each page of the website. The meta description should describe the contents on the web page. When possible, write a meta description that prompts the average user to want to click-through to visit the website. Websites with well-written meta descriptions have a better click-through rate when they appear in the search engines, and Google may rank your site higher than your competitors due to a better click-through rate.

4. H1 tags are somewhat similar to title tags, but the H1 tag is the text which actually appears on the web page as the header (Local SEO Strategies for Chiropractors). It must contain the main keyword for the page (Local SEO Strategies). There can only be one H1 tag per webpage. The h1 tag tells the search engines what the webpage is all about.

What content should be included on your website?

5. In order for your local SEO strategies to be successful, you must include content which compels users to stay on your website. It has been shown that Google likes to rank websites which have low bounce rates. The bounce rate measures the number of consumers who click off your website within eight seconds of landing on a page.

6. You should have a separate webpage for each type of chiropractic service your practice provides. The content should have 300 words, photo(s), and keyword targeted. Make it educational and informative.

7. An about us page for each doctor. Do NOT have it read like a resume with educational and work experience. Have it describe the doctor on a personal level — hobbies, interests, family, why they chose to be a chiropractor, etc. The object of the about us page and the website as a whole is to create a personal connection and a certain level of trust or confidence through the computer or mobile device screen the person is looking at it.

What about video?

Chiropractic video marketing8. One of the best ways to grab the user’s attention is to include a video on the home page of the website. Make the video easy to view on the home page. By doing this, you give your potential customers a reason to stay on your website longer than eight seconds. Plus for those that prefer to listen than read (more than 50{f57cecc76329659856f00bd01f529e319bb36b58f42dc9ec00a8ea65b2ecec80}), a video will appeal to them. Video is also very mobile friendly so could help with mobile search results.

These are just a few local SEO strategies for improving your website for search engine optimization. A local SEO agency can help incorporate local SEO within your website (on page SEO) and outside of your website (off page SEO) so that your practice will gain more visibility in the search engines.

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