How does making your website mobile friendly affect your SEO?


making your website mobile friendlyIt considers how you make your website mobile friendly.

There are 3 different ways of making your website mobile friendly.

  • Have a separate website designed specifically for mobile devices.
  • Have a website that is responsive.
  • Have a reverse responsive website.


I will now explain each type and their advantages and disadvantages.

Separate Mobile Website

A separate website means that you have a different web address for the site. Usually it is a sub domain of your existing domain (url or web address). For example if your website is then the mobile version might be or There is a code inserted at the top of the home page (you won’t see it on the website). It reads what type of browser the person is using. If it is a mobile browser, then the person will see the mobile version.

What is the disadvantage to this method of making your website mobile friendly? It is a completely separate website and it is built from the ground up. It doesn’t contain your website content or SEO efforts.

The advantage of this version is — it beats the heck out of nothing. It also is the cheapest option if your money is tight right now. So it’s a good temporary solution. But chose one of the other options for making your website mobile friendly as soon as you can.

A Responsive Website

A responsive website will become a single column design when viewed on a smartphone. It usally is a CMS (Content Management System) type of website platform. WordPress is the most popular and user friendly CMS platform available.

Now one of the drawbacks to a CMS theme  is that it decides the order of the sections. This order may not deliver the best user experience.

A responsive website does not include nice, big map or phone buttons. Do customers visit or call your business? Then those buttons are an absolute must to having a mobile friendly website.

To solve these issues you need to know how to rewrite some of the code. If you can’t rewrite the code Digital+ can make those changes for you.

What are the advantages? Both sites share the same content, graphics, and SEO optimization. So one time creating is all you have to do.

Cost will vary. Is your website responsive but the buttons are missing? Are the sections arranged in the wrong order? Digital+ can  add the necessary code for a couple of hundred dollars. If you have a non responsive website there some options. If it is CMS type site, then updating the theme might be enough. If not then choosing a responsive theme is the next best choice. But most likely the code will still need editing.

If you have an older html website, it can become responsive. It doesn’t need a complete redesign of your website. Considering Google loves CMS websites convert your website as soon as you can. They provide the best SEO optimization capabilities.

Reverse Responsive Website

This is a new method for making your website mobile friendly. It designs a mobile version first, then makes it adjust to a non-mobile device. This requires a reverse responsive “platform” to host your website.

Reverse responsive design companies must use a one of these “platforms”. One drawback to using a “platform” is almost always limited SEO optimization capabilities. In my 7 on-site Local SEO Tips post I teach how  to SEO optimize a web page, blog post, or website. I haven’t examined every platform available but my experience screams “limited SEO capabilities”.

A responsive website typically costs less then $1k to design. The monthly hosting though is 3 to 6 times more expensive than regular hosting. So it is the most expensive option available.

In conclusion option 2 is most likely your best option. It has the lowest cost and the best SEO capabilities. To say thank you for reading the whole post, we offer a free website analysis. Contact us with your information or feel free to call us.


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