7 Ways to Use Pinterest for Google Local SEO

by Alex Bungener

Pinterest has taken the social media scene by storm and is a powerful way to improve your Google local SEO. According to a study conducted by Shareaholic, pinners (Pinterest users) drive more traffic than Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn combined. Surprised? Try to get on Pinterest now, search for your interest or industry and you will be blown away by how magnetically attractive and how absolutely engaging it is.
I think of Pinterest as a bottomless pinboard that scrolls down indefinitely to bombard you with thousands of images that offer endless ideas and tips on my niche. Discover today how you can use Pinterest to rev up your local business.

1. Have a Pin It button on your site or blog. A Pin It button is an icon that your users can click on so that they can pin your blog post on their Pinterest boards. This will bring your blog post to their circle of friends, increasing your site’s exposure. Every pinned picture on Pinterest can have a link that will lead to the source site.

2. Include a picture in your every blog post. Pinterest is an online pinboard for pictures and so it requires that your blog post should have an accompanying image. If you own a home improvement company for example, posting pictures of your recent home renovation jobs can increase the likelihood of someone pinning the picture on pinterest and getting their friends to visit your site.

3. Optimize your images. Make sure you optimize the file names of your photos and include alt tags. Pinterest uses the file name as description, making your photos searchable and easy to find by pinners.

4. Use Pinterest to get to know your customers better. Every Pinterest user can create an array of boards. A mother may have a board on home, another one for fashion, gardening, parenting, arts, cooking and so on. If you own a home improvement company, you will know, just by taking a peek at your customers’ boards on home, what paint colors and house redesigns they love. This can then give you the idea to offer promos and discounts on their dream house jobs.

5. Build a network through Pinterest. One way to gain new customers is by expanding your network on Pinterest. You can network with other local businesses so that you can promote each other. If you own a catering business for instance, you can pin pictures of a local florist or pin wedding pictures of a wedding photography business. In turn, these local businesses may pin pictures of your catering business.

Pinterest6. Make a visual portfolio using Pinterest. If you are a graphic designer, you can create a board where you feature works you have done. If you own a plant nursery, you can put together a board of your plants and flowers. All these are attention-grabbing advertisements for your business.

7. Use Pinterest as a secret resource library. You can actually keep a secret board that cannot be seen by your followers. Do you have a beauty parlor? Pinterest will give you—in a few seconds–multitudes of hairstyle how-to’s that would probably take you an hour of browsing through blogs or videos. Do you have a craft shop? Tutorials on origami, sketching, painting and every imaginable art abound in this virtual pinboard. You can improve your business just by scrolling through Pinterest boards.

For more tips on leveraging Pinterest and social media for Google local SEO, give us a call today.

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