Social media — a powerful

Google Local SEO

strategy that is here to stay

by Alex Bungener

A most popular and effective Google Local SEO strategy in our age is social media marketing. Consider this: At the close of the year 2012, the number of Facebook account holders reached a staggering 1 billion, Twitter users tipped at 500 million, while LinkedIn amassed 200 million users. What these mind-boggling figures are telling you is that social media marketing is a force to be reckoned with-a force so fierce that it would be foolish not to tap into it for your local business.

How can social media marketing boost your Google Local SEO strategy?

Builds and grows loyalty
When someone likes the facebook fan page of your local business, that someone is putting up a free advertisement to his circle of friends about your business. And when his friends are prompted to like the page, your circle widens. If you put in some effort to post valuable content on your page regularly, sooner or later these simple “likes” will turn to curious visitors, then to customers, and eventually become loyal patrons.
Connects with real people

Social media is all about human connectivity. Social media marketing brings a sense of humanity and personal touch to businesses. People buy a brand that their family trusts and their personal friends recommend. And it is in social media where they inevitably soak up what their family and friends recommend or buy.

Invites interaction
Social media has a way of sparking up lively discussions and debates on a wide range of issues and concerns, including products and services. Why, the most down-to-earth and authentic product and service reviews can be read on social media! Putting up a facebook or twitter page for your local business means being able to engage in these online interactions, real-time. You can either answer questions and criticisms or affirm positive reviews.

Positions you as an authority
Putting up several social media sites for your local business and then regularly posting helpful and industry-related content on these sites will establish you as an expert in your niche. Over time, you will be branded as a pro and a resource person for your field. This will create a snowball effect of further widening your reach and market.

What social media sites should you create for your local business?

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media platform today. At the very least, create a facebook fan page for your business, invite family and friends to like your business and encourage them to invite their friends to like, and so on and so forth.

Google+ trails behind Facebook but if you are to earn the approval of this kingpin of search engines, you better set up to a Google+ page for your business as well.

A business Twitter account is also a good idea, provided that it is used for professional purposes only. Have a personal account for Twitter that is separate from your business.

Pinterest is fast becoming a popular social media platform for food, clothing and craft businesses. Think of pinterest as a massive online corkboard where people can pin screen shots and eye-catching photos of food, clothes, gadgets and crafts. Pinners often check their pins to guide them in their purchases.

LinkedIn may fall right behind the others in importance, but it is also good to put up one since it is a personal professional listing-that is, it establishes you as a “pro” in your field.
Foursquare is a great social media platform if you have a brick-and-mortar store such as a retail store, bar or restaurant.
If you need help in setting up all these pages contact Digital+ today.

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