What are the Post Pigeon SEO Requirements Now?


Post pigeon SEO requirementsHave you noticed a drop in calls to your business recently? In 2014, Google completed revamped their algorithm (the formula Google uses to rank websites) for local business searches with the Google Pigeon update. Many businesses reported major fluctuations in their rankings as the changes began rolling out. While some business owners saw an increase in revenue coming from increased search traffic, many other companies saw profits fall when their rankings disappeared. So what are the post pigeon SEO requirements now?

Ultimately, there are hundreds of ranking factors which influence how Google ranks local business websites.

On-Page SEO Factors

Your On-Page website factors carry the most weight when Google ranks websites. If your site is not setup correctly, the other factors aren’t going to matter!

The content on your site determines how you are going to be viewed by Google. “On-Page Factors” is defined by many different variables. How well does the content on your website explain what your business does? Is your business website an authority website (established domain with links pointing to it from many other websites commonly referred to as backlinks), or did you simply build a site and let it sit? Do your meta tags include your city and state? Are your backlinks from high quality sites? This is probably the most important of the post pigeon SEO factors.

If you are already confused, you’re not alone! As Google SEO becomes more and more complicated, there are more and more post pigeon SEO factors you will need to take care of if you want to attract customers through your SEO effort.

Google expects web content to include more high quality images and videos today. High quality photographs are easy to produce with iPhones and Android devices, but what about videos? An unprofessional video makes the business look bad! In today’s Internet world, most sites need at least one video on the site.

These are just a few on-page post pigeon SEO factors which can influence your rankings.

Off Page SEO Factors

Does your NAP (Name of business, Address, Phone Number) appear exactly the same across the major business directories like Yelp, Yp.com, and other directory sites? If you have not checked your business listings across hundreds of sites, then your business information might not be correct, and this could hurt your rankings. The quality or authority of your backlinks matters too. The authority measurement is basically a measure of the popularity of your website. Web links from more established domains carry more weight than a site that just went live last week or has very little relationship with your business or category of business.

Content is also one the most important aspects of post pigeon SEO. I bet if you checked your home page and most of your other webpages, you have 150 to 175 words. 300 is the magic number. So one of the first things that should be done is add more informative interesting content on each of your pages. Also for every service or product you want to promote you must a have a separate web page for each one.

Social Signals

When was the last time you updated your Facebook and Twitter status? It matters to Google what you do with your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and Pinterest. You have to update these channels regularly because it is becoming a one of the more important post pigeon SEO factors.

Online Reviews

Google is placing more significance on local business directories like Yelp. If you are not doing it already, you need to prompt your customers to leave reviews for your business on your Google+ page, Yelp, and any other local directories which appear for your business. Businesses with active profiles on major local directories where all of the information is completed and get lots of reviews are more likely to be featured in the Google local search results. It is even possible your Yelp business listing will be listed before your website when someone searches for your business name. Extrapolate this a little further and post pigeon SEO requires that your business is listed on the local business directories (Yelp, even though it is global is still a local directory) correctly, consistently, and with photos & video (if allowed), hours, payments accepted, description, keywords, etc.

With the Google Pigeon update, Google is trying to display more location-based results for users. The person who searches for dentists in Baltimore, Maryland will only get results for dentists with a Baltimore address, and not the entire Baltimore metro area. In much smaller cities, with proper post pigeon SEO optimization a business can get exposure in neighboring cities. This gives small business owners a better chance to be shown in Google searches, but the business owner must take the time to optimize their Google business profile and onsite SEO and website content. If you prefer to concentrate your work efforts towards operating your business and earning more sales then hiring a reputable SEO company would be the smartest investment. Click the link and see proof of our post pigeon SEO success.

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