What makes us a great local SEO company?

By Alex Bungener

Before we enter your business information on a website and create that “citation”, we look to see if your business is already listed with that website. Our experience leads us to believe that many of our competitors outsource the citation creation job to countries like India and that those workers just blindly create the citations instead of searching to see if your business information is already there.

Unless your business is brand new, there is information about your business floating around on the internet. That information has a high probability of being inaccurate — especially¬† if you didn’t create that listing on that specific website. If there is enough inconsistent info for your business, Google thinks your business is irrelevant and won’t show your website and business in its search results.

Because our local search optimization services concentrates so heavily on finding and correcting misinformation, the search ranking improvements that occur “stick”. The added benefit for the business is that if someone finds you on a site like Yelp, CitySearch, Manta, etc. then you can rest assured that the contact and location info is correct.

So if your business needs better search results exposure on Google, Yahoo & Bing contact Digital+ today. It generally takes 4 to 5 months (6+ months for heavy information clean ups).

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