Why Local SEO is Not Just About Google


reputable successful local seo company servicesMost small business already know the importance of having a visible presence in the Google search engines. If your website is displayed for your local industry in Google, it is going to drive leads to your business! That is why Local SEO as become crucial for local business success.

There are many other ways to drive traffic to your site besides Google. Even if you’re ranking #1 for your industry in Google, you could be missing out on leads from many other sources.

Where can you find these other hidden traffic sources?

Google Adwords

While it can be expensive, Google Adwords can be an effective way to drive new customers to your business. Numerous heatmap studies have shown how consumers click on many different listings on the first page of the search results. Even if your business is already ranking high in the free listings in Google, you increase your chances of acquiring new customers when you have multiple listings on the 1st page of Google.

Managing an Adwords campaign is not for the faint of heart, but a marketing or Local SEO agency has the expertise to manage Adwords’ campaigns for many businesses.


Google wants to display videos in their search results. Since Google owns YouTube, they favor YouTube videos over videos on competing video websites. YouTube is actually the second most active search engine in the world after Google.

When you have an active YouTube channel, it can be optimized so the videos on the channel ranks for local searches on YouTube and Google. Many businesses fail to capitalize on the power of YouTube, and this makes it even easier to rank a YouTube video than your website or your social media pages. That’s why YouTube videos are standard for our Local SEO clients.

Bing and Yahoo

While most users are familiar with the Google local search results, not everyone is familiar with Bing local. Billions of searches are conducted on Bing every month, and you are missing out on additional leads if you don’t setup your Bing local profile.

Recently, Mozilla’s Firefox browser announced they are switching the default search engine to Yahoo. The Yahoo search engine is powered by Bing. This means increased search traffic for Yahoo, which means visibility in Bing is even more important.

They each have their own version of local listings so you must make sure you are setup there with all correct information and optimized with photos, hours, payments, keywords or categories, etc. Google actually expects your local SEO listing to be on Bing and Yahoo Local.

Business Directories

local direcrtories and citations for Local SEO successYour company can drive lots of traffic to your website from business directories like Yelp, Yellowpages.com, Superpages.com, and many other business directories. Local directories which appear at the top of the Bing results might not appear at all in Google’s results. There are many opportunities to attract more customers to your business through the various directories where consumers find companies they can trust.

In some business categories, there are industry specific directories where your practice, medical office, or business needs to be listed. One example of this is chiropractors, who need to be represented on chirodirectory.com. A trained marketing consultant can offer advice on the relevant business directories for your industry. Plus the most basic requirement in any Local SEO package is the creation on listings on local internet direcories, because it is one of the most important criteria for local rankings.

The best local SEO strategy should include a detailed strategy where you can begin driving digital leads from many different online resources. While it is true that your free listing on Google can drive lots of traffic to your business, an effective marketing strategy will optimize your business profiles on a wide variety of websites to give you visibility wherever your customer is looking for your goods or services online.

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