What A Youtube Channel Can Do For Google+ local SEO

 by Alex Bungener

Creating a Youtube channel has become a powerful tool in your overall Google+ local SEO campaign. Surprised? You probably are if you still think Youtube is simply a platform for showing pets’ silly antics or trivial DIY crafts. However, Youtube has evolved through the years into a massive and powerful tool for internet marketing. Optimizing your titles, tags and channel for local search terms gives a powerful boost to your over Google+ local SEO campaign.

The benefits of having a Youtube Channel

Having a Youtube channel can drive huge traffic to your site.

Just consider the stats: 800 million people worldwide visit Youtube each month. A large chunk of these visits are for the purpose of discovering products and services they are interested in. If you have a Youtube channel which links to your local business website, you have a powerful backlink that will potentially drive viewers to your site and possibly become customers or clients. When your videos and channel are optimized for Google+ local SEO, it can be highly effective in getting your business on the 1st page, especially since most of your competitors aren’t using Youtube or haven’t optimized to create an effective Google+ local SEO video campaign.

Videos are more engaging and register a 41% higher click-through compared to text formats. Videos also have the ability to make your pages more sticky and have been found to rank higher in search engine results pages — especially for mobile device based searches. If you have multiple videos organized in one Youtube channel, you can count on having an effective traffic-drawing tool.

A Youtube channel can improve your site’s rankings.

Remember that in order to land higher on Google’s search engine results pages, you must get the nod from Google, the kingpin of search engines. One way to optimize your Google+ local SEO campaign is to use Google’s video-sharing platform—Youtube. Google, like any person, loves those who patronize his or her business.

A Youtube channel creates a social network.

Through the years, Youtube has evolved from being solely a video-sharing platform to being an online social community where users can do many things in response to the videos: They can rate, comment on and share the videos. Users can share activity streams from other channels and subscribe to favorite channels. An informative, entertaining or simply useful Youtube channel can create a well-engaged community of viewers who are more likely to turn into regular customers patrons, or even investors in your business. Of course all of this helps to make your local business look more “relevent” in the “eyes” of Google, which is what an optimized Google+ local SEO campaign is all about.

A Youtube channel helps in branding your local business.

Branding is the latest catchword in internet marketing nowadays. Businesses which have clear and strong branding get noticed. What is the brand of your local business? That is, how would you like the community to perceive your business? Is it to be considered the most professional dentist? The most complete one-stop shop for car accessories? The most talented handyman? The most fastidious painter?

You can establish your unique brand much easier and quicker with a video than with lots of text. You can showcase your skills, demonstrate your product(s), present your portfolio and display interviews with satisfied customers in one Youtube channel, thus creating a solid brand for your business. And by the way, videos do not need a TV commercial quaility to them in order to be effective. As a matter of fact, people expect Youtube videos to be “homemade” as opposed to “produced for TV”.

Videos are a part of our Googele+ local SEO campaign for our clients. If you need help or have questions about using video effectively feel free to contact us.

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