10 Steps to Creating A Youtube Channel For Your Business

by Alex Bungener

One relatively new, yet very effective Google+ local SEO tool you can use is having a Youtube channel for your business. A Youtube channel has the potential to rake in huge traffic to your business’s website, improve your site’s rankings over time, create an engaged social community and establish your unique brand.

The all-important question is: How do you create a Youtube channel for your local business? And more importantly, how do you create a Youtube channel that will work well in the context of your overall Google+ local SEO campaign?

Here are the 10 steps:

1. Sign up for a Youtube account.

You can sign up for a Youtube account using your existing Google account. Google owns Youtube and will readily honor applications for Youtube via any Google account. Take note, however, that Google recommends you do not use your personal Google account in signing up for a Youtube channel for your business. Instead, Google advises that you use a separate business account. This protects your privacy and allows for a distinct, professional account for your business.

2. Choose an appropriate username.

Your username appears on your Youtube channel and should better sound professional. This is not the time to sound overly playful or weird. You can use your real name or a more professional title such as cape cod handyman for example.

3. Choose a professional name for your Youtube channel.

The name of your Youtube channel, should reflect the nature of your business, should be relatively short, should be free from numbers or non-letter icons and must be easy to remember. It can also be the same as your business name or business site name.

4. Customize your Youtube channel.

Design your Youtube channel in such a way that it mirrors your business website. You can create a custom background, banner, logo and color palette which are similar to those of your business website. This way, when visitors toggle from your Youtube channel to your site, the two are closely associated in the visitors’ minds.

5. Add videos to your Youtube channel.

Add a general video which gives an overview of your business as well as 4 or more specific videos which highlight specific products or services you are offering. Do not be overly promotional. Strive to be informative, useful and engaging. Do not worry too much about video quality as users generally expect Youtube videos to be homemade and authentic.

6. Optimize your videos by describing and tagging them.

The primary way by which a Youtube channel can help in your Google+ local SEO effort is by optimizing the video descriptions in your channel. The way to do this is to include keywords in the first few places of all your video descriptions.

7. Organize your videos.

Organize your videos in a logical and systematic way, by topic or theme. You can also organize videos into well-sequenced or chronological playlists.

8. Promote your Youtube channel.

Promote your Youtube channel by sharing a link of it in all your social media channels such as Facebook page, twitter, linked in or pinterest.

9. Allow comments on your videos.

Allowing comments on your videos might seem scary but it gives the impression that you are open to feedback and interaction. Allow comments but disapprove spammy or overly critical ones.

10. Keep track of progress.

You can learn a lot about how to improve your Youtube channel by checking your Youtube Analytics from time to time. This gives you insights on what type of videos your viewers like to watch, what audience to target and many more.

If you are short on time or just don’t feel comfortable tackling this, we will be glad to help. So contact us via our website, Facebook, LinkedIn or just call us.

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